Thursday, June 7, 2012

Armchair BEA: Beyond the Blog

Design credit: Emily of Emily's Reading Room

I can't believe it's already Day 4 of Armchair BEA. It has been so much fun reading everybody's posts and finding new amazing blogs to follow.

Today's Armchair BEA topic is:

Beyond the Blog

Have you done any freelance writing? 
Are you monetizing your blog and how so? 
How do you make connections outside the book blog community on the internet?

Since I haven't done any freelance writing and I am not making any money with my blog either, I had to think of something else to write. After asking around on twitter for a little bit, somebody said people like to read about personal things. Then Valerie from Stuck In Books left a comment on my post from yesterday, saying "Love that you have a little man!!!" which got me to thinking why not write a little bit about him.

He is my absolute pride and joy. His name is William and he will turn 4 at the end of September. He will also be starting Junior Kindergarten in September which is a teeny tiny bit scary for Mommy and Daddy, but so far William is all gang ho for it. He has known his numbers and alphabet for a while but we just recently started actually writing them. He is a little bit shaky but he can write his first name all by himself and doesn't even need me to tell him which letters come when anymore. You should see the look on his face whenever he does this - he is so proud, and so is Mommy.

He also loves to paint! This was the first picture he painted with paint brushes.

Another thing he loves are BOOKS! I am so ecstatic that he does and am hoping it will last for a long time. If it were up to him, we would be going to the library every single day and he would be taking 10 or 20 books easy - well, if I would let him. Since my old bones aren't what they used to be though, we usually settle for 6 to 8 books. Of course, all of these books have to be read every night - one book is never enough, no, no. If I'm "lucky", I get away with reading 3 or 4, but I only do that if I happen to be exhausted. I have actually been considering starting to review children's books since I'm reading them all the time anyway. I haven't decided on that yet, though, so we shall see what the future brings... 

Some of his favorite books are:

Dr. Seuss Green Eggs and Ham as well as Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can you?

anything Curious George or Clifford the Big Red Dog

Our latest discoveries include:

Llama Llama Mad At Mama by Anna Dewdney (which is so utterly adorable, by the way)

If You Give A Moose Muffin by Laura Numeroff (and ALL the other books in this series) - He especially loves this one since he just won a little stuffed moose at a fair we went to. That little thing is s adorable!

Grumpy Bird &  

Boo Hoo Bird by Jeremy Tankard

William has an incredible memory - I think all kids his age are like sponges and just soak everything up, no matter what it is about. Sometimes when I'm busy making supper or something and all of a sudden it gets really quiet, I usually find him in his bedroom, reading books to his little stuffed animal buddies. He knows some of the stories word for word. Sometimes he makes up his own little stories and I love those even more than any book.

Well, okay, I think this is it. I'm not sure if this fits with today's topic or not, but I didn't know what else to write and my little man was my only inspiration tonight. I do hope I haven't bored anyone to death, though. I just love my little man more than anything else in the world! He makes everything worth while!


Anyway, thank you so much for sticking around, guys! Have a great 4th day of Armchair BEA and don't forget the #ArmchairBEA twitter party at 8pm EST tonight!!!


  1. That's so sweet! My four-year-old niece always demands that I read to her when I visit. I wish I could read to her every night.

  2. Great post! I like that you just found a great topic of your own.

  3. Three and can write his name already! You must be proud!

  4. I love Green Eggs and Ham too! I miss those days of reading with my kids. They are all adults now and I am waiting for grandkids! ;o)

  5. Great post! Love it, so fun. :) Thanks for sharing with us.

    New to your blog!
    Stephanie @ Stepping Out of the Page

  6. T________________T I want to meet your son Ina T_T this post is AMAZING!!
    I thought up mine too late :/ so I thought it might be better if I did a mini vlog about it XD

    I LOVE that your son loves to read though!! :'( he rocks all time of awesome!

  7. Hey! I nominated you for an award on my blog. Check it out? (:D)

  8. And I love this post. He seems so sweet :)

  9. I love this post! So fun. And it's really awesome that your son loves to read. :)

    Pam @ jelly loves books

  10. Ina your little man sounds adorable! And I'm so glad he has such a passion for reading. But I love his artwork, too. Forget about networking and doing things outside the blog that are book related. You have a wondering son that probably loves having you all to himself.

    This was a great post topic for today. This is the best way to be beyond the blog. And it's nice to learn a little bit more about him, to see what his reading choices are - though I haven't read any of those children's books - and to see what keeps you busy when you aren't reading and blogging!

    I'm so glad you joined in the Armchair experience!