Tuesday, February 14, 2012

SSRC - My Soul To Take


Finally, here are my thoughts on re-reading Rachel Vincent's "My Soul To Take" as part of the Soul Screamers Reading Challenge, hosted by fiktshun. If you haven't already, there is still plenty of time to sign up - simply click on the button in the sidebar.

Reading this book for the second time, it made me realize even more what an incredible world the author has created. Everything is so unique and intriguing, you can't help but fall in love - with the characters, the world, the storyline itself.

After years of thinking she was crazy, Kaylee finally finds out the truth about herself. Knowing the truth, however, doesn't make her life any easier. She gets thrown into a world full of nightmarish creatures - demons, deadly poisonous plants, reapers, to only name a few. She has to show incredible strength to save the ones she loves.

Kaylee is an astonishing character. She is so passionate, caring, determined, and strong. Even when things seem to be going incredibly wrong, she keeps her cool, even if it's not always easy. The way she adjusts to new situations and new evils being tossed her way, is simply admiring. She definitely is one of a kind.

When I first read this book, I immediately distrusted Nash. I know that is a pretty harsh statement, but I kept thinking he was too good to be true. Nobody could be this perfect. This time, however, I found myself liking him. I liked how he seemed to genuinely worry about Kaylee, about the fact she didn't know who or what she truly was. How he helped her get through those terrible moments without screaming her head off. I liked how he wouldn't let her drive herself insane about not knowing what was happening to her. I, specifically, loved the fact he told her the truth when nobody else was willing to. Maybe it wasn't his place to do so, but Kaylee needed to know. Maybe she really would have lost her mind if it would have gone on for much longer.

I am thankful Nash did what he did, however, there are still things I simply cannot ignore. Even now, after having read all the books up to date, I'm not sure why he was with Kaylee to begin with. He keeps me wondering whether he was only ever interested in her because she was, like him, a bean sidhe. Obviously, I know he eventually fell in love with her, but the doubt and wonder is always on my mind - especially, when I'm thinking about upcoming events.

Then there is Tod. He is a reaper, he is dangerous - nobody wants a reaper on their bad side - he is infuriating, he is irresistible. Every time he shows up, even if it is just for a few short minutes, he captivates me. I can't help it, he draws me in, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. Tod Hudson is one of the greatest male characters ever created in the fictional world.

I cannot write this post without talking about Emma. She is Kaylee's best friend and she is unbelievable. Every girl - or boy for that matter - would be extremely lucky to have a friend like her. With a friend like her you don't ever have to worry about having to go through something on your own. She is there whenever Kaylee needs her. She doesn't judge or doubt Kaylee, even when weird things start happening. She is a true friend who would go through thick and thin with Kaylee.

This shall conclude my thoughts for tonight. I am already looking forward to reading "My Soul To Save" and to see how I feel about everything this time around.

How about you? How did you feel re-reading this book? Or if this was your first time reading it, what were your impressions and thoughts? Are you excited for book number two?


    I missed him so much ^-^
    glad you enjoyed this reading Ina!! >.< and that you shared your thoughts on it!!
    can't wait for My Soul to Save!

    1. I can't wait either! I will pace myself though because I don't want to have to wait too long for "My Soul to Keep". ;)

  2. Awesome review!

    "Every time he shows up, even if it is just for a few short minutes, he captivates me."

    AMEN TO THAT! I was so excited when I was rereading this and Tod finally FINALLY showed up ;)

    "Tod Hudson is one of the greatest male characters ever created in the fictional world."

    Too. True.

    Also, check out the Maximum Ride Reading Challenge

    1. Haha, yes, me too. I was so happy when he finally came into the picture. :D

      I'll definitely have to check your challenge out. I've read the first three books in the series, I think. :)