Tuesday, February 14, 2012

In My Mailbox #2

"In My Mailbox" is a weekly event hosted by The Story Siren where you share the books and goodies you received in the mail. I was actually considering waiting with this post until tomorrow as I had another package slip in my mailbox today, but since I'm already late posting this, I figured I might as well go on.

These are the books I received this past week:

First, there is this beautiful and stunning cover for the Soul Screamers Omnibus Volume One by Rachel Vincent shining up at me. I won it through the Soul Screamers Reading Challenge hosted by the wonderful Rachel from fiktshun. Thank you again so, so much for this, Rachel!!!

In addition, my awesome friend Rebecca send me three books from back home in Germany. There is Patricia Cornwell's "Die Tote ohne Namen" ("From Potter's Field"), Sparkle Hayter's "Mord im Chelsea Hotel" ("The Chelsea Girl Murders"), and Dean Koontz's "Auf Tauchstation" ("Surrounded"). I haven't read any of these and don't know what they are about either yet, but I'm looking forward to find out.

This week at the library

Since I hadn't really been feeling any of the books I started, I went to the library today to return all my borrowed books. I don't feel too guilty about it, since I can go back anytime and borrow them again. Instead of heading right back home though, I ended up looking through the bookshelves. I just couldn't help myself. Needless to say, I went home with new books. Here is what I found today:

Ever since the Crush Tourney last summer, I wanted to discover the world of "The Iron Fey" series by Julie Kagawa. When I saw the books on the shelf today, I had to grab the first one right away. I'm very excited to get to know these characters and the world they're living in.

Another book I've been dying to read is Lauren Oliver's "Before I Fall". I love the cover and the story description makes me want to pick up this book right away.

Next is "Beautiful Creatures" by Kami Garcia. I have heard so many great things about this series, I couldn't leave without taking it with me as well.

Last, but not least, is "Odd Thomas" by Dean Koontz. One day my friend Susi asked me whether I had read the books to this series. She was curious because they are being made into a movie. After talking to her, I went to check them out on goodreads, and I was intrigued right away. This sounds like another amazing series.

Now to the daunting task of picking what to read next. Since I am currently still reading "Die For Me" by Amy Plum, I still have a couple of days to make up my mind. Right now, I'm leaning toward "Before I Fall", but we shall see what will happen.

What about you? Which books did you receive? What is next on your reading pile?


  1. Ah! I didn't know that Rebecca is sending you books! So you're also reading in German! (Good to know!)

    1. Yes, these are the first books she sent me. I haven't read a German book in years - unless you count William's story books. *lol* It will be good for my brain though, I think. I'm not sure when I'll be able to read one though, since my reading pile is already HUGE!!! ;)

  2. I loved The Iron King and Before I Fall. Have you read Delirium, also by Lauren Oliver? I actually liked that one more :D

    I'm currently reading If I Die, which I know is very out of the SSRC schedule, but I probably will reread it when the time comes (because it's REALLY good so far ^-^).

    1. No, I haven't read "Delirium" yet. I actually saw that one at the library first, but when I saw that "Before I Fall" was her debut, I thought I'd start with it. I'll definitely be reading "Delirium" too though. :) Oh, yes, and I've heard so many awesome things about "The Iron Fey" series. It was the first time I saw them at the library and I just couldn't leave without at least taking the first book. ;)

      "If I Die" is definitely my favorite book in the series so far. I'm sooo looking forward to re-reading it again for the SSRC. :D