Sunday, April 15, 2012

In My Mailbox #6 ~~ My Reading Pile #5

"In My Mailbox" is a weekly feature hosted by The Story Siren, where you share what you received in the mail during the week.

I only received one book this past week, but it is full of awesomeness and I cannot wait to get sucked right back into this mind-blowing world.

Yes, yes, I received Leah Clifford's "A Touch Morbid"!!! Isn't it gorgeous??? I won it a little while back during the #ATMparty on twitter, which was hosted by the wonderful @lexcade and @katelyntorrey. The two of them were lucky enough to attend Leah Clifford's InsaniTea party which launched "A Touch Morbid's" release. So, not only did I get this amazing book, but it is also SIGNED by the fantastic Leah Clifford!!! I am beyond thrilled!!! Thank you so, so much to all three of you!!!

As if that wasn't enough, they also send me some beautiful bookmarks. I LOVE the writing on the back of the "A Touch Morbid" bookmark. It's so pretty. The super surprise, however, was the "Witch Eyes" bookmark. I am in love with it! I loved the book with its amazing cover, and now I can call this stunning bookmark my own. These eyes...

My Reading Pile #5

The lovely Rachel over at fiktshun came up with this idea, where you share what you are intending on reading during the upcoming week. So, as I am sharing my pile today, I am giving credit to her creative mind.

Of course, I had to add "A Touch Morbid" to my pile right away. As soon as I am finished with Alexander Gordon Smith's "Fugitives", it will be next.

I am so stoked I am finally reading "Fugitives". I have been waiting so, so long for this, and last night I just had to start it, even though I was beyond exhausted. I am hoping I can squeeze in at least a couple more chapters tonight.

The other book still staring back at me is "Galileo's Daughter". I only have eight days left to read it, but I still don't see myself finishing it until then. There were a few times I was somewhat tempted to pick it up and give it a try, but I never did. I am going to at least flip through it though before our next Book Club meeting.


Did you receive any books in the mail this week? Did you buy any great books? Is there a book you are dying to read this week? I would love to hear from you!

Happy Reading!!!


  1. I am so happy that you are enjoying your surprises! Thank you for making the ATM Twitter Party so much fun :)

    1. No, thank YOU for hosting it! I had a blast and am so excited to read ATM2! I can't thank you enough!!! :D

  2. Oh you're reading Fugitives! I can't wait to hear what you think about it. I wish the final book in the series was out already. The suspense is killing me and I'm so afraid to go to the author's website because of that epilogue.

    What an amazing book to have received. And that lovely swag! Soooo awesome! I can't wait to see whose "team" you are on after reading ATM2!

    Have an amazing reading week Ina!

    1. I'm not even halfway done with Fugitives, but I'm already loving it! There's not a second to catch a breath though, so much action right from the start. Seriously, I'm already considering getting the UK version of "Execution", even though I don't like the cover.

      Once I read ATM2, I'll finally be able to swoon over it with you and Alba. :D Gosh, I'm hoping I'll still be Team Gabe after though - even if he ends up going super dark. I shall see... ;)

      Thank you and a fantastic reading week to you too, Rachel!!!

  3. I like the girl's green hair in the cover. That's my favorite color! I haven't heard of that book yet, but I'm going to look it up. Happy reading! My IMM

    1. You should look for "A Touch Mortal" first. It's the first book in the series. :) Yes, I really love the color too. The whole cover is awesome! :)

      Thanks so much for stopping by and I'll make sure to check out your IMM as well.