Saturday, June 1, 2013

Armchair BEA: Genre: From Picture Books to Young Adult

Design credit: Emily of Emily's Reading Room

Oh, how I love today's genre!!!

From Picture Books to Young Adult

I really, really do love today's pick!!! The Young Adult part is probably pretty obvious since my blog is geared mostly toward YA books, but I also can't get enough of children's books.

I have a four year old son and he has the same love for books that I do. He can spend hours and hours at the library, picking 10 to 20 books every time. There are so many amazing books for little kids - whether they're fiction or non-fiction - it's hard to get them all read.

Here are some of my son's favorites:


The genre I read the most is definitely Young Adult. There's just something about it that keeps drawing me back. There are so many incredibly talented authors there who come up with these amazing stories and characters. It's definitely my favorite genre and I can't see that changing any time soon.

Here are some of my favorite YA books/series:



What about you? Do you enjoy reading Young Adult books? Do you have a little one who has you reading one picture book after the other? Are there any books you would recommend as a must-read for everyone? I would love to hear from you!!!


  1. I love Mo Willems and Dr. Seuss. Your son has excellent taste ;)

  2. Oh, the llama llama books are fantastic. That's my go to gift when I need to get something for a little one!